Our Team


Director, Housing Centre

Matthew Lloyd-Cape

Matt has worked in policy development, research, and project management for 20 years.

Prior to joining Per Capita he was an international officer at the Australian Council of Trade Unions. He has also worked at Islamic Relief International, Tufts University, Builders and Woodworkers International, and the Central European University. Internationally, he has conducted research, and managed disaster relief and social development projects in the UK, Eastern Europe, Russia, Central America, East Africa, Papua New Guinea and South Asia.

Matt holds an MPhil in Political Economy from Central European University, and an MSc in International Relations and Development from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London.

His current research interests include housing affordability, labour markets, the cost of living, taxation, and fiscal policy.

Matt is passionate about economic and social justice, and believes that ambitious and equitable housing policy reforms can underpin a fairer and more prosperous Australia.

Andrew Herington Fellow

Lucy Tonkin

Lucy Tonkin is the current Andrew Herington Fellow at Per Capita, having commenced this program in September 2022. As the Andrew Herington Fellow, she assists and produces research into a variety of policy fields, with a focus on housing, urban planning and sustainability.

In 2021, she commenced work with Per Capita as an intern while completing her Bachelor of Arts (International Studies) degree at RMIT University Melbourne.

She is currently completing a Master of Urban Planning at the University of Melbourne.

Andrew Herington was a founding director of the John Cain Foundation and a driving force in Victoria’s public policy for four decades. In Andrew’s memory, and in dedication to his tireless work in Victoria’s planning policy, Per Capita has initiated the Andrew Herington Fellowship in Public Policy and Planning. We thank all our generous supporters who made this valuable position possible.