The Centre for Equitable Housing (CEH) is a new initiative within Per Capita, aimed at providing research, policy advice and public engagement on housing affordability-related issues.

CEH was established when a group of philanthropists became increasingly concerned that the housing market, and housing policy, was failing a significant proportion of the Australian people. These philanthropists formed V&F Housing Enterprise Foundation and provided core funding to Per Capita to establish the centre.


Our Mission

CEH works toward a future where all Australians can be sure of a secure, appropriate, sustainable and affordable home, regardless of their personal circumstances

Our Purpose

Secure and appropriate housing is a fundamental human right, essential to household wellbeing and critical for communities and the economy. Home is the epicentre of our lives. But despite our growing national wealth, it is increasingly difficult for Australians to find homes which are affordable, in the right location, of the right size, of decent quality, and secure in terms of tenure.

Housing policies at the national, state and local level are failing to adapt to changing social needs and economic conditions, and frequently entrench inequalities within and between generations. Policymaking around housing is often described as a “wicked problem”, but negative policy outcomes are being borne by an increasingly large proportion of society while the benefits are absorbed by a shrinking share of the population.